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Trevor's Portfolio

Welcome. Here I will showcase my projects and experience with a little more detail than my resume. Feel free to contact me at


Hi! My name is Trevor Brown. I recently graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. I'm passionate about impacting lives through software development. If we share that passion please send me an email!

VR for Teaching Abstract Physics

Using Unity, C#, and the Oculus Rift, my co-author and I created an educational simulation. Our goal was to measure to see if virtual reality can improve a student's intuition on abstract physics concepts. After conducting a user study, we wrote a paper that was accepted as the 4th best submission to iLRN 2019. We presented at Westminster University as the youngest conference participants and shared our finding to an audience comprised of the private sector and professional academics from around the globe. Repository. Paper.

Bullet Dodger

Nate and I developed a fully animated game using only C++ and the OpenGL library. Our game showcased complex topics such as Quaternion Interpolation, GPU multi-threaded rendering, post-processing effects, matrix manipulation, and responsive animation from user input. Repository.

Mini Compiler

Implemented a Compiler for mini (a C-like language). First I parsed code into an Abstract Syntax Tree. This allowed us to easily recurse through the tree representation of our program making type-checking, Control Flow Graph construction, ARM assembly translation, optimizations, and machine instructions easy generation easier. Afterwards I analyzed the runtime of various test programs against clang as a control group to see how my compiler stacked up. Repository.

ML Rock Climbing Training

Using a convolutional neural network and emg data from a Myo Armband we trained our network to classify various rock climbing grips. (i.e. crimps, pinches, slopers, jugs, and pockets) After collecting some data from our local climbing gyms, we were able to provide real climbers with training recomendations. Application users were able to see what grips they were weak at, and then the app would suggest various training exersises for that grip. The project was a great proof of concept, but after speaking with our potential user group it became clear that the price of the hardware (Myo armband) was too expensive to consider.

React Group Messaging App

The purpose of this project was to familiarize myself with the topics orbiting React JS. I started by implementing a restful API and creating an extensive Postman test suit. API calls utilized the asynchronous waterfall pattern to avoid concurrency issues. The final app supported multiple concurrent message boards, user accounts with login cookies, and various user privledges. This project was hosted from a single server. Repository.